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46. KKBN


National Conference on Non-Destructive Testing is an annual event, a platform for exchange of knowledge and experience and the latest achievements in the field of non-destructive testing, as well as an inspiration to continue scientific work and the chance to establish new business relationships.

46. KKBN will be an opportunity to exchange experience for all participants, learn about new technical and technological market non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics and personal contact with invited representatives of major international and national organizations dealing with non-destructive testing.



We encourage you to actively participate in the conference and to present their achievements in the following areas:


  • Non-destructive testing in industry, construction, transport, energy
  • Methods, devices, equipment and software
  • Technical diagnostics equipment and structures
  • Competence and certification of personnel in NDT
  • The rules, requirements and standards for non-destructive testing
  • The quality and qualifications of research laboratories

Making every effort to meet the growing expectations of the State, estimated Framework Programme program will cover the following areas and issues including 3 thematic categories:




  • parallel sessions

Papers and presentations expressed by the authors in the session virtually parallel to the above issues

  • poster session

Presenting in the form of posters latest results of scientific research and experimental work




  • workshops

Practical application equipment and facilities in terms of popular non-destructive methods

  • expert panel

Open forum, during which invited guests and experts in the fields of NDT answer to your questions, advise, identify a solution. Opportunity to ask questions, direct exchange of experiences and analysis of specific examples of "case-study" in the form of moderated panel discussions: NDT METHODS, QUALIFICATION of PERSONNEL, THE LAW AND REGULATIONS




  • promotion of exhibitors

Presentation of the latest products and innovations in the field of measuring and test equipment

  • exhibition

The direct participants of the meeting with the representatives of manufacturers and distributors of equipment, systems research

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