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  • Anyone interested in presenting a paper are kindly requested to participate in the 46th KKBN on Form APPLICATION FORM and additionally provide information on the content of the paper using Form APPLICATION PAPER (electronic form).

  • After receiving confirmation of acceptance of the paper, please send a printed and signed scan electronic form and the full text of the paper to the Scientific Committee. Eligibility for the various thematic sessions and presentation preferred by the author after review work. The author will be informed of this fact with the proper advance.

  • The authors not interested in publishing papers are asked to prepare a one-page summary in Polish and English on the number of 1000 characters each version and send it along with this completed application papers available on page 46. KKBN



  • Authors interested in publishing papers prepare the text in accordance with the recommendations and guidelines for authors - see HERE.

  • The papers after going review process will be published in the scientific and technical journal "Non-destructive testing and diagnostics" or "Przegląd Spawalnictwa" or "Badania Nieniszczące i Diagnostyka"

  • For developing substantive and editorial writers are responsible papers.

  • The paper application form (available on page 46. KKBN), and paper with image files containing drawings, please send e-mail to the conference office (kkbn46.simp@gmail.com) and / or to the Chairman of the Scientific Committee on the date specified on page 46 . KKBN.

  • Detailed information on the timing and other specific guidelines will be available on the conference website.


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